Plugins For Fcp X You Must Have

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Are you a huge fan of FCPX? Well, you must already know that it is one of the most customizable software that Apple has released in recent years. Before this came out, FCP 7 was the standard in video editing and creation. It was professional, versatile and a complete all-rounder. However, people soon began to realize that there could be so much more in the software. This was why FCP X was created for the users. It didn’t start off with the kick everyone expected of it, but it grew over time to become one of the most accepted video editing software titles in the industry. Every day, new people switch over from their older video editing apps to FCP X. Each time someone does, the demand for new, creative plugins grows. There are many out there. Here are a few of the most useful.

Color finale
Available on websites that offer paid and free FCPX effects for a price of about $99, this is one of the most comprehensive color plugins in the world right now. You get a huge suite of colors to pick from, including different spectrums and options for picking the colors you want. The settings for the colors are adjustable from the timeline of FCPX, without having to go into the plugin itself.

Coremelt Lock and Load
This is a powerful stabilizing plugin available for $100 on a number of websites which offer free effects for final cut pro x and paid ones. It is a dozen times faster and less buggy than the default video stabilizer tool included in the FCPX software. It is recommended that you get this plugin especially if you are a professional editor who needs incredibly stable post-production shots that you can actually work with.

This is one of the craziest plugins out there. It has been around for quite a while now and has been updated to perfection. It is, in essence, a tool that allows for the remapping of the times on your clip. Ever wanted to have those slow motion shots that speed up into normal or fast mode incredibly smoothly at the perfect times? That’s what Twixtor does, for the price of $329. While the price may be a little expensive, it is definitely worth the cash.

FX Factory Pro
This is a tool for the FCPX tutotrials free users who need a multifunctional tool that can handle any situation. It comes with a ton of different uses for the price of $400. It allows for things like colors, effects and transitions to be micromanaged, and it is a combination of a bunch of individual tools in one package. Bought separately, these tools would be costing you a lot more than the $400 you pay for this all in one toolkit.